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October’s Here!

Hey guys! How’s the start to your week? Is it full-swing into fall where you are, or still California-hot and dry? I’m amazed talking to my Texas friends and California family how warm it still is there…It’s been beautiful in Calgary, with changing leaves, cool mornings, and very warm sunshine during the day.


Friday was so stunning that I had to take this jumping shot post-workout, done with clients, while on a walk in the park near CityFit. I was embracing the warm fall weather as snow was forecasted for Saturday! As it happened, it ended up being cool and rainy but not really any significant snowfall in the city Saturday, but the cooler weather and start of October brought on what was inevitable…

Yep. It’s time to embrace it: pumpkin everything! I’m not huge on pumpkin, but when the weather turns and I have some spare time and cans of pumpkin laying around, I google what to do with it. ? Here are some great pumpkin, protein-packed recipes for your next potluck or dessert!



Speaking of desserts, this week I made Noelle’s grain-free, dairy-free Magic Cookie Bar recipeand the end result was many happy people enjoying a healthy-fat-filled dessert at our first Survive & Thrive board meeting! That was pretty exciting, but so was this recipe – definitely one that I’ll repeat (especially because I’m not a huge coconut fan – so I’m not tempted to house the food like I am with brownies!). ?


Delish toppings ready to be placed into the pie…Check out my Instagram page for a quick video of the process, and refer to the above link for the recipe!


Fall also makes me think of back-to-school, and it has indeed been a busy season for Mikey and I! Between clients, young adult programs at Wellspring, new film projects for Mikey and simply connecting with friends, life has been on “GO” mode since we got back from the summer. We sure are grateful for work, but after a busy weekend we re reminded that we also need to set good margins for ourselves. But with this season comes that sense of freshness and even learning, so I bought a few online courses through my personal training certifying body, ACSM, and have some studying to do! I needed to renew my continuing education credits and want to stay current and learning, so I’ve got “Improve Client Outcomes & Retention,” “Relationship Nutrition,” and “Motivating a Laughable Range of Personalities” lined up. I can’t wait! Now I just need to be diligent with my time.

When October hits, my mind drifts to my family. I miss connecting with them a bit more as the leaves change, which is funny because California doesn’t really get that drastic of a change in leaves or seasons. But fall makes me think of Halloween, which brings very positive childhood memories flooding back to me and also means Thanksgiving’s just around the corner! I’m so thankful that we are going back to California for Thanksgiving this year and can’t wait! But sometimes I wish I could just head over to Marshall’s on Friday nights with my mom and stroll around, getting her opinion on scented candles or trying on clothes together; looking at the home goods and making some impulse buys or walking out with nothing at all. So I called her from Marshall’s Friday night and sent her pictures to include her in my shopping experience. ?



(The mug I bought for Mikey…it just made me smile! We need a slow morning with bacon and this mug filled with coffee very soon!)

With the onset of October I’m also excited to change up my fitness plan… I was doing so much pushing and pulling with Kindal and my upper body has kind of suffered because of it. My body finally said “ENOUGH!” last week when I went to do my pull ups and it simply wouldn’t pull any longer. Turns out I have been using my extensors to pull instead of my core (no wonder my neck had a kink in it!) and both my biceps tendons were inflamed. Grateful to go see Dorie at CityFit who helped check out my body and then give me a relaxation massage towards the end of last week.


I still want to do my max push and pull test, but I’m not worried about it as much (I KNOW my strength has increased so much over these last 4 weeks!) and I will see how my body feels early this week with giving a max test a go. In the future? More conditioning! I haven’t been sweating and pushing a ton in the gym, but now I want to get my heart rate up, include more plyometrics and have fun getting explosive in the gym! That and take my workouts to the pavement and run a bit more – as the weather turns, it’s an odd time to get outside more, but I love how fresh and alive I feel when I’m running in the fall and winter and want to keep those cardio elements there after essentially not doing any cardio for the last few month. We’ll see where that leads me.

So… What does October make you think of?

How are the margins in your life?

Any highlights to share from your weekend?

And what do you think about a new fall fitness program? 

Hope you have a great week ahead. Live well & be well!


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