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Palms Springs Girls’ Trip: photo edition

Hey guys! I hope you had great weekends and are ready for a productive and focused, great week ahead; I know I am as I focus on choosing joy and being grateful for work and community. Perhaps my current state of gratitude is stemming from an incredible, refreshing and life-giving weekend away with a great group of girls down in beautiful, sunny Palm Springs. After many years of our husbands heading out for an extended guys’ ski weekend together, we finally decided to go away ourselves – but in our own way!



Palm Springs vacation package it was, and my first ever girls’ trip! I’ve always wanted to do one and haven’t spent too much one-on-one or all-girls time with this group before and it was so needed and so fun.


I’ll let the few photos we took speak for themselves, but here’s a quick taste of our weekend away, which included:

Palm Trees

Oh, to be back in the HOT California sun and welcoming, warm evenings outside…





I’m actually not a big shopper, but let me tell you – it’s so much more fun with a group of girls who say things like, “That looks so cute!” or, “Yeah, get that one!” ? I didn’t do too much damage, but did score some great finds from TJMAXX, Marshall’s and Nordstrom’s Rack (a necklace and stud earrings here, workout and casual clothes at the other stores).


I’ve never had a cute bathing suit – or, to be honest, a real flattering one that wasn’t just active and supportive. I got this top and an non-matching but classic pair of black bottoms at Target – each for $14.99! – and LOVE it. I feel great in this and have totally embraced this fun look… Too bad summer – and even fall! – is really over now…I got 2 days of good wear out of it and can’t wait for more when I’m not hucking it huge on a raft or kayaking down a river. This is a legit lounging swim suit!

Fun Food

We went out for dinners (never snapped any photos!), had some wine (but nothing close to the three bottles we bought for the weekend – we are light weights! ha), bought a delicious and cheap party pail of cookies n’ cream ice cream which we barely dented, and had a continental breakfast at the hotel plus veggies and snacks for lunch that we purchased. This was perfect, and food was neither a focus nor disregarded – just food as food, just as it should be.

I did love going into Whole Foods and wandering around the aisles unrushed and solo for a bit while the girls were next door in another store and picked up a few neat items (and had to photograph my favorite California sandals, Rainbows, that I’ve had for years, too):


Lounging/Pool Time

Oh yeah. Lots of it. Wonderful, hot, relaxing, time spent chatting, lounging, swimming and laughing by the pool.


However, there was also some good movement! We walked a ton the first day – all over the outlet mall and then all evening at the downtown Street Market, which was so much fun (and where I broke my fast that day with a delicious Mexican meal of 2 tacos, rice and beans – all from people who spoke Spanish aka it was authentic and the BEST!). I worked out the next day and here’s myInstagram video of what I did in case you need a dumbbells only workout for inspiration this week:

And the next day all 5 of us squeezed into the teeny, tiny hotel gym for a great 20 minute bodyweight workout – the break down of what we did is on my Instagram picture in the link here!

IMG_8631-1024x1024 (1)

I am really proud of these ladies for moving in a small space and making it work – they did awesome with good form, lasting a minute per exercise, and earning the rest of the afternoon’s lounge time after this. They rocked the workout; let me know if you give it a go!

Great Conversation

We talked pretty much non-stop; I think we needed it! In this group there are 2 moms each with 2 kids and the rest of us range from a personal trainer (me), a professional photographer (check her out, local Calgarians!) and a freshly minted endocrine paediatrician. We are busy women who don’t always get these moments to connect and it was fun, needed, a release and provided many opportunities for going deeper and cementing our friendships. I’m so grateful for it!


Thanks, ladies for a wonderful trip. I feel rested, relaxed and grateful for this time away with you all. I really am thankful to know you all – you add so much to my life here in Calgary! Looking forward to making this an annual tradition already!

Have you been a on a friends’ trip like this before? 

When’s the last time you retreated, recharged and felt ready for life again? Do you have a solid community around you that can help be your support and vice versa? 

I better hit the hay. Just wanted to check in! Live well & be well friends – see you around the blog this week!


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