Reflect. Refocus. Rebuild.

…and create a plan for your life while having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and making new friends.

Our Promise to You

There are certain things that you have to do on each trip (i.e. kayak your own boat, help paddle the canoe, hang on to the raft, etc.) but there are many additional adventures and levels of challenge available for anyone who wants it. For activities like rock-climbing, cliff jumping, hiking and swimming you set your level of challenge and you are not required to do any of these additional activities. We are here to support you in whatever level of challenge you choose.

The appropriateness of an expedition for a survivor will be determined on a case by case basis in collaboration with the participant and their doctor. Space on most expeditions is very limited so there is other criteria, like having previously attended a similar program with another organization, that might also be taken into account. However, if we approve you to come on an expedition, that means we know you can do it! We believe in giving people opportunities to take calculated risks and push themselves outside of their comfort zones to the level that they want.

Participants will be required to pay or fundraise all, or a portion of their own expedition fees and travel expenses in order to come on an expedition. We really believe this creates ownership and demonstrates intent to really get the most out of the program. These trips are true wilderness expeditions where everyone in the group really depends on each other to make it to the next campsite. If participants are not fully invested there can be negative consequences to the group and to the individual and we believe that putting in the effort to raise the money to attend a trip will mean that you will put the same effort into being apart of the group on the expedition. Having said that, we do have a very limited amount of stipend money available for those who demonstrate need and we can work in a limited capacity with each survivor individually to help with fundraising.

Yes! We highly encourage each survivor to bring a close supporter who has been with them throughout their cancer journey. We think it is very important to have someone from your everyday life to share the expedition experience with so that you can remind each other of the things you learned and decisions you made on the trip.