One of the deepest canyons on earth is the backdrop for a journey of discovery for a cancer survivor and her best friend.

Valleys is a series of 6 webisodes that follow one young adult cancer survivor and her best friend as they raft the Grand Canyon. Along with the spectacular scenery and heart stopping rapids are candid insights into the lives of both survivors and their friends and family. This webseries highlights how cancer impacts everyone in a profound way, not just those who are diagnosed.

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The life changing journey begins. Meet Amy, her family and her best friend Annie as they all talk about the communication challenges they are facing because of cancer. Amy reflects on the past year and the new upcoming chemo treatments she is going back to… will she be able to accomplish what she set out to do on the mighty Colorado River?

Amy and Annie talk more about their friendship and how cancer has impacted their relationship. Amy shares two words that made everything more complicated… and the decision that changed everyone’s lives.

Amy shares that she is learning a lot despite how hard things are and Annie is coming to a new understanding of her experience. She, and Amy’s husband John, express that “this isn’t about me” but they show us that it can’t help but be about them all, because they love Amy.

“I know I can’t control everything, but I can’t completely let go either.” Amy talks about her biggest fear and Annie shares her feelings honestly with Amy. Both of them take steps to begin letting go.

“If you bottle that grief up… after a while you just pop.” Both Amy and Annie struggle with this conflict as they try to find release from tormenting anger and guilt.

“The only true defeat is giving into bitterness. No matter how our cancer journey ends, we can all be victorious.” In the finale of the Valleys webseries, Amy talks about the most important thing that gets her through treatments and Annie shares what she has learned about being the best supporter to someone with cancer.