Eight young adult cancer survivors kayak a wilderness river canyon and explore what it means to live well with, through and beyond cancer.

Wrong Way to Hope follows a group of young adult cancer survivors on a week long kayaking expedition down one of the deepest canyons in the continental USA. It is an extraordinary journey full of incredible emotional and physical challenges as well as strength, humour, beauty and a rare insight into the lives of one of cancer care’s most under-served and unrecognized populations.

Three versions of the film are available to watch. Choose your version below and watch the story unfold.

Gain a deep insight and connection with the young adult cancer survivors in the film by watching the full documentary… it is 78 mins of your life that you will never forget.

This ‘made for TV’ length documentary will give you and insight into the lives of a unique and under-served population of cancer survivors.

This short film will give you an overview of two of the main challenges facing young adults with cancer… Isolation and Identity.