Travel & Trip Fee Stipend

This scholarship is made possible by Survive & Thrive Alumni Cory Crawford, in honour of his incredible wife Julie. Please read below to hear more of Cory and Julie’s Story and watch the video above of their Owyhee River kayaking trip in 2014 (make sure not to miss Julie’s incredible reenactment of Frozen’s “In Summer” song at 10:47).

A Message from Cory Crawford

This annual grant is held in memory of my dear wife; Julie Crawford. Julie fought a long and hard battle against Melanoma that was diagnosed in November of 2010 and continued until her passing, March 4 2016. Julie was and is the true love of my life, my high school sweetheart, and mother to our amazing son Adam who turned 7 just two days before we said goodbye. Julie was just 34 years old.

Julie and I were together for longer than we had been apart, nearly 20 years. We never thought, ever, that we would face something like Cancer in our young lives. Her list of treatments is long and includes 5 significant surgeries, years of chemical intervention, radiation and in the end an experimental T-cell transfer in Toronto that she was unable to recover from. Through all of this though, Julie never stopped being Julie.

Most anyone that had the pleasure of meeting Julie or spending time with her speaks of her special effect on them, of a lasting memory or impression that she left no matter how short time with her may have been, Julie was truly an amazing person. Despite her disease and everything that it came with her unique spark and desire to live life to the fullest never faded. Prior to her diagnosis we had long tried to live life and we experienced some truly incredible things around the world, generally living our lives without hesitation. After her diagnosis this desire only became stronger and we pushed hard to make the most of our time together. In the last 5 years we had together we bought an old VW bus, went to Iceland, Disneyland once, Disney World twice, on a number of cruises, and to countless other destinations on smaller trips. I will be forever grateful for the memories that we shared.

Amongst these memories is a trip that we took with Survive and Thrive to kayak the Owyhee River for 8 days in 2014. Julie and I had never been Kayaking of any sort before and truly didn’t know what to expect. We came off of that river as different people than when we began.

A trip with Survive and Thrive is a life changing experience. To be immersed in a safe environment and surrounded by people that understand the issues without the distractions of technology or everyday life? Then to have it facilitated by people as special as Mikey and Bonnie Lang? This is something that everyone facing cancer, whether as a survivor or still in the trenches of the disease, should get the opportunity to experience. Sadly that isn’t the case for everyone.

Working with Mikey Lang my commitment now is to cover travel and trip costs for someone that otherwise would not have been able to participate on a minimum of one Survive and Thrive trip per season. Which specific trip will depend on the area of greatest need and I will be taking Mikey’s recommendations in this case. My hope is that others can feel the real things that Julie and I were able to feel, that they can walk away with an expanded circle of support and know that it’s ok to be wherever they are in their own life story. This is one way that I hope to be able to honor Julie and continue her love of life and experiences.

Cory Crawford

How to Apply

When filling out your online application form please indicate that you would like to apply for the Julie Crawford Memorial Scholarship in the “Any Questions” box at the bottom of the form. Also, in the same box, please indicate why you have financial need and how attending a Survive & Thrive Expedition will help empower you to live like Julie lived.